Consumer Protection

Consumer protection lawyers with Craig Zimmerman, protect consumers when they are injured by false or misleading advertising, debt harassment, data privacy breaches, and various other unfair market practices.

Consumers suffer the brunt of corporate wrongdoing, especially with false or misleading advertising, defective products, and data or privacy breaches. Using litigation, consumers can confront corporate wrongdoing and obtain a remedy for all those who were harmed. The Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman have successfully obtained many high-dollar consumer settlements. View our consumer protection lawyer free case review or click the chat below to get started. We genuinely wish to see justice for you in confirmed cases of things like auto fraud, unintended product injury, or clear & defined false advertising that takes advantage of you.


When Does It Become A Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

Consumer class actions are civil federal or state court cases brought by one or more people on behalf of themselves and a “class” of individuals. Consumer protection lawyers can bring cases to secure a judicial remedy that compensates those harmed by the defendant’s conduct and/or forces the defendant to stop the harmful behavior.

Common Types of Consumer Fraud

Consumer protection class actions can arise from many different kinds of corporate misconduct, including but not limited to the following:


Example: You are told the deal with your car is complete and financing suddenly falls through. They ask you to come back & try to change the terms of the deal.

For decades, Craig Zimmerman & other attorneys with his firm have fought for consumers’ rights, successfully challenging some of the nation’s largest and most powerful corporations. We have represented millions of consumers across the United States in class action lawsuits, combating various types of fraud.

Through our efforts and expertise, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars and other benefits for our consumer clients and earned a reputation for fierce dedication to consumer advocacy. Click the chat below or call to see what’s next, absolutely free.