Correct A Tax Return

Filing accurate tax returns are solely the responsibility of the taxpayer.  If you filed a tax return and later discover it was inaccurate, you must correct the return as soon as possible.  (If you are not currently being audited and the IRS allows you to amend).

Example: you filed your tax return on February 1st.  On February 15th you receive a W-2 from a part time job you worked for 2 weeks.  Because you did not include the income on your tax return, the return you filed is inaccurate.

Using the example above would require amending your previously filed tax return.  When you “amend” a tax return, you are correcting a previously filed return.  Failure to do so could result in penalties and interest or possibly an audit.

Our team is expert in amending tax returns and will professionally prepare your amended return while taking advantage of all legal deductions.