Income Tax Preparation

Our Tax Department is spearheaded by a former IRS Agent and Senior Auditor. With over 20 years of tax preparation experience. He is expert in legally and professionally preparing your tax return(s). Our Tax Department is staffed with full time Associates. We are a full service Firm and prepare taxes year round.

Working with you, we will take advantage of every legal deduction to lower your tax liability and/or increase your refund.




Most clients, who have a tax problem, do so because they have failed to file a tax return(s).  If you do not file a tax return, (after a certain amount of time) the IRS will do it for you.  This is called a “Substitute For Return” or SFR.  When this occurs the IRS uses data it has received and files using the fewest number of exemptions.  The IRS does not take into account deductions you may be legally entitled to.

With Offices serving almost the entire United States, there’s no reason not to have a fully qualified tax professional to save you more and find you the deductions that make the difference.

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Fees quoted above are for preparation of the 1040 and 1040A form only that do not require any additional schedules.  Additional schedules and services will require an additional fee.   Services not available everywhere.  Call the Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman for details.  No relationship is formed with The Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman until you receive a copy of the signed Tax Services Agreement signed by us. Services not available in some states.