Debt Help, Harassment

If you owe money, debt collectors can be ruthless, aggressive and downright scary.  Some unscrupulous debt collectors even resort to illegal tactics by threatening arrest or deportation.  If debt collectors are calling you day and night at your home or place of business, we’ll stop them!

Creditors fall into two basic categories:

Issuers or the Original Creditor is a bank, lending institution or company which granted you the credit.

Debt Collectors are third party companies or law firms who work on behalf of issuers and debt buyers.  Debt collectors are paid by the creditor and generally earn a percentage of what they collect from you.

Assuming your debt is valid and you do not pay, your creditor has a right to collect the debt.  Collection activities generally begin with demand letters, and telephone calls to your home or workplace.  Depending on your circumstance and the creditor, they may pursue more aggressive collection activities including visiting your home or workplace and/or filing a lawsuit against you.  If the creditor is successful with their lawsuit, they may obtain a judgment against you.  A judgment enables the judgment creditor to pursue additional collection activities against you which may include a lien against personal property and real property.  They may levy your bank accounts and garnish your paycheck.

Once you are represented by an attorney, it is illegal for debt collectors to contact you directly by telephone.  Within one business day of retaining our Firm, we notify all of your creditors of representation.  Upon receipt of our notification, it becomes illegal for debt collectors to contact you by telephone.  Some of the greatest compliments we receive from our clients are a result of stopping harassing calls.  If a creditor continues to call  you after you have informed them you are represented by an attorney you may be entitled to up to $1000 in damages plus attorney fees.