Which auto dealers are using military technology to watch your every move?

“It’s extremely lucrative for them” said local attorney Doug Scott, who specializes in auto dealer fraud lawsuits.

Scott said many contracts consumers sign at small dealerships are set up to fail. They have some common features: big cash-only down payments, bi-weekly or even weekly payments, zero grace period for late payments and topped off with sky-high interest rates.

The contract terms increase the chances that a buyer will default, Scott said.

“I’ve got one case in which there was a $10,000 car,” he said. “She put a $9,000 down-payment and they repossessed. She did not get her $9,000 back. That’s absurd!”

When the buyer went to get her car at the dealership, they demanded an additional $5,850, according to a lawsuit Scott filed on her behalf. When the buyer said she could not afford the additional fee, she alleged the dealership suggested she “go across the street to a strip club to work.”


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